March 24th, 2003

accomplished, scottiecomp

URL updates

I think I got everything. Inside the cut is a list of FAQs that contain URLs which need to be changed to reflect the new URL formats. I also included the actual URLs and what they should be changed to.

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FAQ 114 (What happens to my paid account when it expires?)

I edited FAQ 114 to change all the had/would tenses to have/will (as I said I wanted to do here), because it seemed awkward in the past tense like that (several people had commented about that before). I also made a few phrasing adjustments and added one new phrase, in bold below:

In order to further customize your journal, you would need to purchase additional paid time for the account (see for information on purchasing paid time) or use overrides, as detailed in the FAQs.

(I left "would" there because that's a different kind of conditional from the others.)

Any suggestions are welcome!
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