April 28th, 2003

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faq 72 update

(once again inspired by a support request)

Since XMP tags have been disabled (for security reasons?), can we remove the bit about them from this FAQ that says that they are allowed?

Also, on comment pages, XMP tags are mentioned as allowed, but clearly, they're not. Is this something that has to be Zillaed? (Can do so later this arvo, as I should learn how to use Zilla anyway, but wanted to make sure that this was the right course of action)
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FAQ 28 deletion

FAQ 28 "How does the music auto-detection work?" is a client-specific FAQ that refers exclusively to the Visions client, and by proxy, the Semagic client. After discussion in the support_clients, it has been agreed that the FAQ does not belong in the FAQs, is rarely used in any case, and the information currently contained in the FAQ can be provided by support if necessary.

Therefore, unless anyone has any strenuous objections, I propose that FAQ 28 is deleted.