May 2nd, 2003

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On, there is an option "Header" right under the Format option. Apparently, what this does is also save a header with the field names in the exported csv/xml. It might be nice to indicate this in the text for that item (/export.bml.label.header) like this:

Header (puts a header with fieldnames in the exported file)

since this wasn't at all clear to me until I exported a file...

slow loading LJ pages

since that one seems to be a perennial problem:

I have observed that a good part of the waiting for my friends page ( and my own actually ) is waiting for pictures that are not stored on LJ ( in my case usually quizzilla ). If one would always use the LJ cut tag to hide the picture behind, pages would load faster.

Don't quite know where this belongs. Maybe into "LJ for Dummies".