May 21st, 2003

  • leora

FAQ Suggestion

Category: TroubleShooting
Title: Why are the entries on my friends page out of order?

The entries on your friends page are designed to display from most recent to least recent. Unlike the lastn page, the stated time of the entry does not affect where the entry is placed. Friends pages are organized purely based on actual time of posting.

This means that if you have friends in multiple time zones, you will often have posts that appear earlier coming after posts that appear to be later. Also, if your friends mis-date an entry, it will still display in the right place but look wrong.

If new entries are not displaying at all, please see this FAQ.

Proposed addition to the above linked FAQ - FAQ 160

If your friends are using the backdate entry option, then the entries will not display on your friends page at all. More information about backdating entries can be found here.

I don't know how needed the first FAQ suggestion is, although it seems a good match for the related problems in lastn pages.