May 24th, 2003

  • pne

Default Friends View for visitors to your journal explains custom friends groups, the specially named "Default View" group, and the public/private setting.

Together, these describe what I have determined by testing: that if you create a group called "Default View" and make that group public, then visitors to your Friends page will also see that subset of your friends; if the group is private (the default), visitors will see all of your friends.

Perhaps that could be made a little more explicit? The bit about private/public groups mentions specifically going to "your group pages", but it also applies to the "naked" .

Perhaps something like "If you mark this group "public", then visitors to your Friends page will also only see those friends" at the end of the third paragraph?

Sister Christine

(no subject)

Hey! After answering questions in support for a few weeks now there are two FAQs that I think would make it a lot easier:

  1. Can I transfer or have a refund on paid time? Although this is in the terms of service it would make it a lot easier to point the user to a FAQ about this (and may even curb some of the many support requests we receive about it).

  2. How do I set the title of my journal? Many users have been inquiring about the new ability to set the title and subtitle of their journal as well as the title of their friends page from the Edit Personal Info page. It would be helpful to have a FAQ to point them to rather than having to explain it every time.