June 1st, 2003

_support, opal

comments/message boards

I was investigating the FAQ about Memories and was wondering what "enabling message boards" was.. I did find that option on one of the settings page and remembered that when I had first been through the settings, I had connected "message boards" with "comments" - no problem. But then upon reading about "message boards" in the FAQ, I became confused about what exactly they were, and it took more close reading and thinking to figure it out.

I don't know about other people.. would this be confusing? Maybe it would be helpful to say "enable commenting" since the label "commenting"/"comments" is more widely-known for replies to a post.

Expansion and comment-forum for linkage suggestions

Since rho's linkage suggestions are quite long, there really isn't a way to comment on each one effectively in comments (unless you want to leave seventeen million comments). I went through them all and am planning on posting them a few at a time (with my comments) for further discussion.

If anyone thinks this is a terrible plan, tell me and I'll stop after this post, and try something else.

Here are the first five of rho's suggestions.
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