June 18th, 2003


Linkage for #69


FAQ (69)
If you delete an entry that contains a poll, the poll will become inaccessible. You cannot create a new entry to restore an inaccessible poll; you must create a new poll.

Can we add a delete FAQ for this? (FAQ 3) There was a user asking how to delete their poll today.
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new code + faq changes

-- Updated FAQ 16 re: new accountstatus.bml page

-- Updated FAQ 80 with the new way to add users to your community. I took out the bits about using the Admin Console. There's an issue with the "shared" command so I'm taking out ALL console references from the FAQ for the time being. We don't even need them to be put back, but for now, it just details new way to do it.

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That's all for now. Let me know if anything else needs to be updated. Thanks!
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I just joined over here, and I'm kinda wondering where to begin. Can anyone please let me know if there's something they need assistance with?? I can't promise I'll be able to do everything, but I'll do my best!


Posting Limits

I'm sure most people are aware by now of the posting limits (as described here, here, and here). However, although they are listed in the news, they aren't listed in the FAQs, so I think it would be a good idea to add information about posting limits to FAQ 148. I recommend adding the following section to the end of that FAQ:

"Due to the increased strain on LiveJournal's servers, LiveJournal has limited the amount of posts that can be made per day:
* Free Users: 5 posts/day
* Early Adopters/Paid Accounts/Permanent Accounts: 50 posts/day"

Oops, my mistake. It turns out that the limits were removed by popular demand. Thanks to emmavescence for letting me know.
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last linkage suggestions

Last linkage-suggestions! This is kind of a long one.

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These are ones that didn't involve linking two FAQs, so they're separated.

(150) Who owns a syndicated account? Can I edit the feed URL of or delete a syndicated account?
Suggest to add "or renamed" at the very end.

(50) Can I do anything to stop my journal from ending up on search engines?
Suggest to change sampleusername to exampleusername.

(90) What is the limit on the number of to-do list items I can have?
Suggest mentioning early adopter accounts.
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