June 23rd, 2003

  • pne

Editing entries that have comments disabled

I just saw this request and followed the link to FAQ 2.

I'm fairly certain that FAQ used to describe how to get to a journal entry's talkread view using the calendar's Month view, which is necessary if you have comments disabled on a certain post.

The FAQ was apparently changed following discussion here, but I don't know whether that change was the one that removed the Calendar method.

Since /editjournal.bml occasionally has hiccups with editing some entries (those at least some of these are being worked on), I feel it would be helpful to continue to list the Calendar method of editing a journal entry. Was removing it a conscious decision?

FAQ #143

Summary: Add FAQ 75 to FAQ 143.

Due to the recent influx requests about not being able to edit journal entries, I was wondering if we could mention something about putting quizzes, or forms, behind a lj-cut tag, in FAQ 143. This would be an actual solution to improper HTML, which will allow users to use their edit entries function, instead of pointing them to the alternate editting methods.

Edit: shh, don't tell anyone, but I post to this community just to be able to use the strike tags ;)

And yes, I think I'm actually the one who's seriously whacked, confusing that with b0rked friends pages.