July 2nd, 2003

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I just realized that FAQ 19 doesn't contain a link to emailmanage.bml. Email manage is linked in the FAQs, but only in FAQ 117 (Someone broke into my account) where a lot of people aren't going to think to look--I know I didn't. That's an Abuse FAQ, and if someone wants to delete an email for a non-abuse reason, they won't think of it. I think we should link to emailmanage.bml in FAQ 19.

Also, as long as someone is editing FAQ 19, "account" is spelled wrong in the first paragraph.
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I've noticed that every so often on the Support board, someone will ask about Jabber. Are there any plans to include a FAQ about some of the lesser known chat clients such as Jabber? And if not, is there talk about it, so as to allay those curious users??

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