July 18th, 2003


Suggestions are editable now

Per ruakh's post here, suggestions posted in suggestions are now editable. FAQ 164 needs to be edited:

Once you submit your suggestion proposal, you will not be able to edit it, so bBe sure to proofread your proposal before you submit it.

I'm dubious about noting explicitly that suggestions are editable, since editable entries are SOP (and also because editable suggestions make me nervous that people are going to edit a suggestion and put strange stuff in it), but perhaps putting in something like ruakh's note that it's important not to ruin the generator's HTML or delete your suggestion would be good?

Also, based on this thread in that post, I'd like to suggest some additions to the paragraph about lj_dev.

[EDIT: asciident pointed out that it wasn't clear where this paragraph is. The paragraph is from FAQ 57 (How can I help?). As far as I know this is the only link to _dev in the FAQs and I would hate to have it entirely removed, since the FAQ would then not tell new potential developers how to help out, and that would be sad.]

LiveJournal developers can discuss their latest projects in the lj_dev community (http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=lj_dev). If you are new to LiveJournal development, you can join the community, introduce yourself and your skills, and learn about what projects are going on and what you can help with.

I don't think this is especially necessary, but it makes lj_dev possibly sound a bit friendlier and gives newer people a sense of what to do. The community's info does tell people to join and introduce themselves, but doesn't really give them an idea of what to expect.