July 24th, 2003

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Userdoc suggestion: New FAQ category: "What can I do to help LiveJournal".

Userdoc suggestion: New FAQ category: "How can I Help LiveJournal" / "What can I do to help LiveJournal".

This is my first time posting something in _userdoc, so poke me if I'm doing something wrong or anything. Ta. I've had a quick scooch through the calendar, and memories, and nothing like this jumped out at me. So if it has been mentioned, please poke me.

The FAQs already have "How To Help" style FAQs, such as "How can I help?" and How can I suggest new features or improvements for LiveJournal?. But what I'd like to suggest is a whole FAQ category about helping to improve LiveJournal. Ranging from Support, to Dev, to Suggestions, etc. I can only really touch on the support ones, since that's all I know of - but should this suggestion get anywhere I'm sure people will be willing to chip in about the other things, dev, suggestions, clients, etc.

At least every day now, especially in peak times of average user boredness (ie, summer vacation), there's at least one request on the support board that relates to a question along the lines of "I've been helping in support, but my answers arent getting unscreened/points/. Why?" So a simple "Read the FAQ" might help here.

At present, the average canned answer that some volunteers provide looks something like this: Collapse ).

So it would be nice if all of this, subject to re-working, and making it sound more FAQ-y, and less me, could be an FAQ in itself, leaving volunteers more time to devote to other issues. Because allthough that was just a simple copy and paste for me, many volunteers dont have something like that as a canned answer, but would still like to anwser it.

Another suggestion for an FAQ is "I want to help with development of LiveJournal, Where do I go?" Which can cover things from normal dev (lj_dev) to client development (lj_clients). Again, I don't know the ins and outs of this, but I'm sure clients and dev people also have questions that are repeatedly asked over there, which can be generalised into one big answer users can be referred to via an FAQ.

Another one, which I'm sure many people here can relate to, is an FAQ along the lines of "I made a contribution to the site, but wasn't acknowledged. Why?" This would explain the /site/contributions page, and the prerequisites needed for obtaining a contribution, such as you need SupportHelp in a category in Support, or that you need something on Zilla for Dev (I'm not 100% of that, so poke me with details and I'll change).
As much fun as looking at "contributions" from users like 'I have the most comments' is, an FAQ could be useful here, especially when I know from experience, that this question does get asked in support.

Also, perhaps an FAQ regarding howto, and then howto_userdoc handles potential submissions there, since H_U is fairly unheard of, and many users may be willing to write up a tutorial.

And finally, a FAQ like: if you don't want to donate time, then give money: buy a paid account! Because paid accounts are neat.

Again, this is just a sketchy idea I've had from staring at too much Support at weird hours of they day, but felt it was worth posting here for discussion. Feel free to comment or shoot me down, as appropriate. Thanks :)

Oh, and of course, I'd be willing to help write up some of this stuff where I can.
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