August 15th, 2003

unicorn pusheen

Creating a journal entry FAQ

I'm curious--should there be a "How do I post a new entry" (or whatever title would be appropriate) FAQ as the first thing in the Journal Entries section of the FAQ listing? The only 'newbie' mention of how to post an entry is made in FAQ 55: How do I get started. Which is fine, but to learn about making a journal entry, the "journal entries" section is where I would look.

It just seems odd that there isn't a very basic "how do I create a new entry" FAQ in there. So I'm curious if there's some reason for it that I've been unable to find.

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What are the paid servers?

The FAQ "what are the paid servers?" needs an overhaul, as there are no longer paid servers but rather artifial latency for free users (I think). Additionally, FAQ131 should lose the reference to "paid servers" as well, and replace it with something more ... correct.

[thanks for the poke/reminder, leora]
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FAQ suggestion - Is there a way to track who reads my journal?

Hey, everyone! I just joined, so I missed any previous discussion there might have been about adding a FAQ about "who's reading my journal." I did go back a few months, but nothing jumped out at me, so I apologize if I overlooked where this has been considered before. I don't know if I have the FAQ tone right (I think I sound "support-y"--maybe there's no big difference), but here goes:

Edit: Added a cut and de-italicized. I guess that's what previewing is for. Heh.
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