August 28th, 2003

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  • mendel

Syndication faq changes

With the latest round of changes come some changes to Syndication. I'd recommend the following two changes to FAQ 149:

  • Update URL to new format,
  • Replace "public" in the second paragraph with "visible", as you can get non-public entries on RSS feeds by being logged in when you retrieve it.

A couple of suggestions I'm not sure we want (yet):

  • Note somewhere that if you request an RSS feed while logged into LiveJournal, you will see those protected entries that you could see in lastn/day view
  • Instructions for getting to your own account's Atom feed at

Suggested change to 'securing your password' FAQ

The 'how to secure your password' FAQ:

Could really use an extra paragraph in it, something like this perhaps:

Some web-browsers offer a feature where they will remember passwords for you when you log in to various sites. Never use this feature when logging in to LiveJournal. If you find later on that your private computer becomes shared, it is much easier to change your LiveJournal settings than to reconfigure your web-browser. If you have used this future in the past and need to stop using it, the easiest way to secure your account is to change your password at

- Am I allowed to say Hope This Helps here? ;)
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  • burr86

(no subject)

as a result of code updates, the following FAQs have been updated:

FAQ149, FAQ152 - need to indicate the new URL for a journal's syn feed
FAQ93 - to indicate that you can change_journal_type from the maintainer account now
FAQ132 - setlang.bml now redirects to /manage/siteopts.bml