September 19th, 2003

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What is Syndication

This has been proposed before, where I argued that adding stuff to FAQ 137 was the way forward, but other people seemed to think we needed a new FAQ. I've been lookign this over now, and I think that a new FAQ would work too, provided we moved a whole lot of stuff across from 137. So that's what I'm going to propose.

Change FAQ 137 to read Collapse )

Additionally, change it's subject to "How do I create a new syndicated account or add an existing one to my Friends list"

I then propose that we add a new FAQ, entitled "What is LiveJournal's syndication feature?" with text Collapse )

(bits borrowed from gerg and lyspeth)

We would then need to modify all the other syn FAQs to point at the new FAQ rather than FAQ 137:

Collapse )

Please read this suggestion through carefully, as I don't have the energy to proofread it right now.
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A reminder, a whomp, and a call-to-attention


When you post about a particular FAQ, please link to that FAQ in the subject or body of the post, because readers of your proposal will want to see the current version.

Also, remember to post the category that your proposal affects in the subject. People have been pretty good about this new thing, but a quick reminder can't hurt.


I did some whomping today, and am also summarizing some other changes. I'm lazy so I'm not saying who did what. :) Rah's big S2 thing and some other S2-related changes are not included as part of this summary, but we should all hail the Rah (and others!) for making things so spiffy in that area!
Collapse )


This proposal of leora's and ladydiana's needs more attention. Comment, propose wording, etc.

Likewise with timwi's proposal for setting site options, and a suggestion to make a new FAQ for that.

Also, I'm starting to be confused about when (Paid|Permanent|Early Adopter|Free) Account should be capitalized and when it shouldn't be. Same for layer and the layer types in S2 (there was some controversy about this in the FAQ 177 rewording discussion).