September 20th, 2003

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The Fast Servers

What are the fast servers?
74 needs a total re-write and, I think, a name change.

What are the paid account benefits?
131 could use some minor editing.

I suggest we re-name the first to:
How do paid users get faster access?

Change the second FAQ to say, Faster access to LivejOurnal.
Where it currently say, "Access to the faster "paid user" servers"

Then to re-write the first. Although, I don't actually know exactly how it works, so this will probably need revision.

Actually, I think it sucks. But maybe someone can write something good.

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FAQ 149 [syn]

Suggest adding the following text to the end of the second paragraph of FAQ 149:

For almost all RSS agregators and newsreads, this will mean that only public entries are included. This is because they generally do not provide any means of cookie authentication.

(my thinking here is that the newly added explanation of how protected entries work within RSS feeds might lead some people to expect they should be able to see them, when they can't)

Scheme FAQ

OK, here's a suggestion for a scheme FAQ, which I would suggest putting into the 'Site Navigation Features' section:

(No url, since it's new *grin*)

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I've tried to future-proof the FAQ by avoiding mention of what schemes are currently available, although I suspect lynx will have a long life because there will always be a group of users who want an ultra-lean scheme.
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