September 29th, 2003

who the fuck is todd?
  • rahaeli

"fast servers" removal

Hid FAQ 74, "What are the fast servers?" until people can sort out what should happen to it.

Removed mention of the fast servers from FAQ 131.

Removed "fast server access" from /paidaccounts/index.bml.features

Changed "/paidaccounts/index.bml.features.available.fast_servers.about" to a blank string

Changed "/paidaccounts/index.bml.features.available.fast_servers.header" to a blank string
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Moonlight Hero

Maintainership question...

For FAQ #100, should a sentence or two be added about whether or not Co-Maintainers of a Community can have their status removed by the Maintainer? I was reading it, and was asking myself if Co-Maintainerships can be removed.

I could see some good in having Co-Maintainership revokable. If a Co-Maintainer were violating the Community's rules (for example), the Maintainer could revoke their privileges, choosing someone more respectful.

Anyway, this was just a thought I had. Feedback appreciated.

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accomplished, scottiecomp

FAQ 138 Rename

Okay, so FAQ 138: In what other ways can I customize my journal? and FAQ 7: How do I customize the look of my journal? have very similar names. FAQ 138 has to do with S1, and FAQ 7 has to do with both S1 and S2. Although this isn't as confusing from faq.bml (since the category titles are there), it is confusing when referencing FAQs in Support, because users cannot see what category the FAQs are in (in the answer box, that is).

We have a FAQ called FAQ 170: How do I customize my journal using S2? in the S2 section. I propose that we rename FAQ 138 to "How do I customize my journal using S1?" and that we move it to the top of the S1 section of the FAQs (just like FAQ 170 is at the top of the S2 FAQs). This will make the FAQ's purpose much clearer and it will make people more likely to read it (as it will be at the top of the S1 section). It's probably the most important S1 FAQ, since it links to howto and a lot of the other S1 FAQs.