November 4th, 2003


Name of FAQ #126

I've referenced FAQ #126 several times today, and I've been wondering about its name. It seems to me that the question "Can I delete all my entries but keep my username?" is not addressed directly in the body of the FAQ.

From what I've seen (which is, admittedly, not much), the FAQ does a good job of answering deleting-all-journal-entries questions, which is its purpose. So I'm not asking anybody to change the FAQ itself...just wondering if it could be renamed to something like "How do I delete all of my journal entries without deleting my account?". Although that's not a very good solution either, because it may lead users to think that deleting an account is a good way to delete journal entries. (Also wondering if this is too small of an issue to be worth asking about, but I'm going to anyway.)
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Getting started

My suggestion is concerning the FAQ pages No. 55 [ ]
and No. 104 [ ] and inspired by Support Request [ ] (as well as many others of that kind).

Since the Support's policy is to never distribute invite codes through support area, Support volunteers could not really help people asking for a invitation code. All that we can do is to suggest asking friends or buy an account.

On the other hand, there is lot of people who has (for diffeerent reasons) lot of invitation codes which they don't need. For the Russian-speaking part of LiveJournal it's quite easy: there are two communities, one for asking for a code if someone has an extra one, and other for offering codes for those who wish (usually under certain conditions).

I don't know exactly, but i am sure that some communities of that sort shall exist in English-speaking part of LiveJoutnal. What i propose is to have linked the above referenced FAQ pages with such communities (like it is already done for newmembers and howto.
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