November 13th, 2003

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FAQ 71 - Questions and corrections

Made a proposed translation of the FAQ mentioned in subj. earlier today and stumbled upon some curious things:

  • What is 'auto-login' (the mentioning before talking of LJ clients)? If it is, indeed, targeted at clients, it should mention that fact, or it might confuse people.
  • The Logout-link mentioned under precautions should be the Logout?-button, should it not?
  • E-mail is used instead of email, contrary to the rest of the site.

And I guess that that's it for now, I'll probably have more as I go through more of the FAQs at some later point :P

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Squeak!, Pthalo's a mouse!

FAQ 32 [Entries] needs to be updated to account for the changes in this nifty changelog post:

All users (S1 and S2) can now type in a mood of their choice, and select one from the drop down box and have the icon appear next to their inputed text.

<3 this feature.
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