November 27th, 2003

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Everything up to this point has been dealt with, I believe. If your suggestion has not yet been dealt with, please make a new top-level post to the community with suggested revisions and text, if necessary. It's difficult to keep tracking things that occur before these posts (we use these smackdown posts as starting points for new smackdowns, so anything before this has a higher likelihood of getting lost).

Since today's Thanksgiving here in the US, I'd like to thank everyone for forming an awesome team. To the Support/Doc Admins, who make the changes that others suggest in here, thanks! To everyone who posts those changes to the FAQs, thanks! To everyone who comments on those changes, thanks! To everyone who's suggested new FAQs, thanks! And to everyone else who helps keep userdoc moving, thanks!

So without further ado, here are the changes for this week.

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FAQ 171

FAQ 171 is going to be gutted out and replaced with the a link to fweebs chart once it's put someplace special.

But, I'm still working on writing the FAQ. Just a note to remind you all, as it will be quite a while do to many things before this FAQ is up.

The original proposal and discussion can be found here.

Please, look and tell me if there is anything else you want in the FAQ, or any other confusions that need to be cleared up.