November 29th, 2003

different way to insert links in FAQs

The style of the FAQs has been bothering me for quite a while now. In particular, I don't like the raw links which are sometimes in the middle of a paragraph or even in the middle of a sentence. I understand that you can't use HTML in them and I understand that there is a brand new and way better system on its way (LiveJournal speed), but I still have a suggestion to make. Suggestions of course have disadvantages, but let me at least propose it.

(And I don't know if somebody else has proposed this before.)

I think that the FAQ text would be hundreds of times better legible if the other FAQ links weren't in the middle of the text. If you are reading a sentence, then brackets open (or not) and a raw link disrupts the whole text flow, then you have a hard time finding the next bit of text that goes after the original sentence. And of course you'll think that this is no problem for you, but considering that the average LJ user probably isn't as smart and/or literate as an lj_userdoc member, I would be astonished if this was a huge problem for any of you.

I therefore suggest that the relevant links for each FAQ (and to HowTo and so on) are added after the actual FAQ text, ordered by keywords that have been used in the text (not the FAQ title), so that the user can find the FAQ containing further information about this or that topic. Another argument for this would be that the user is looking up this very FAQ in order to find precisely the information specified in the title and in the text, and if the user still has questions after having read the FAQ text, they can look for further information in the following links.

To kinda visualize this, I have altered FAQ #185 to show what I mean (after the lj-cut).

*ducks and runs*

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FAQ 103 (How Many Invite Codes) Suggestion.

I suggest renaming it from "How many invite codes can I generate?" to "How many invite codes can I generate? How can I get more invite codes?" or something similar.

Long, yes, but it's fairly common to have users saying "I've used up my free code and the FAQ doesn't say how I can get more if I don't want to pay," such as here and here and here.

Sure, we'd still have users asking how they can get more free codes, but I figure that renaming the FAQ might well catch a few. I think that the FAQ could also be rewritten to be a little more definite on Free users only getting one automatic code, but I have to go concentrate on the Research Paper That Owns My Soul right now rather than the FAQ.

Green Leaves

Suggested revisions to #148 and #16.

FAQ 148: What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?

This FAQ should probably be updated to include information on limitations related to PhonePosts. The first list (containing limitations on the lengths of various input fields) should contain information on how PhonePost transcription fields are limited, and maybe also a line about PhonePosts being limited to 5 minutes (I think that's the length; I'm not 100% sure). I don't know that a link to #183 would be necessary, but I think at least some information on how transcriptions are limited would be good.

Thoughts? Also, please note that I'm not saying we should include information on how many transcriptions are allowed (if that's wanted, link to #183), but instead how much text is allowed to go through. That's why I think it would fit nicely with the rest of the list in the beginning of the FAQ.


FAQ #16: How do I delete/undelete my entire journal?

Can we please put something between the third and fourth paragraphs saying:

If your account has been purged from the system and you are unable to undelete it, please see for information on how to create a new LiveJournal account.

Simple, beneficial, harmless. :)
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