December 7th, 2003


Troubleshooting overrides FAQs

I was wondering whether there is a particular reason we have two different FAQs to troubleshoot user's overrides.

FAQ 141 (I tried to customize my journal using overrides and now it won't display. Why?) links back to FAQ 140 (My overrides won't work. What's wrong?), and it's usually FAQ 140 which troubleshoots the overrides problem. The only obvious thing that FAQ 140 doesn't address which is addressed in FAQ 141 is that FAQ 141 links to an extra FAQ for when users may be accessing LiveJournal pages when LiveJournal is experiencing high load (FAQ 116 Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal?).

It seems to me that the title for FAQ 141 is usually more relevant for users, but the detailed information that these users need are all contained in FAQ 140. (Although, FAQ 141 links to 140). Apart from the trouble of making a really cluttered up FAQ, would it be reasonable to merge these two FAQs together?

(And for those with Styles I2s, this request might show you the inspiration for this post).
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Though I think I've hit everything up till now, if there's anything I missed, please post it as a new top-level post to the community. I didn't touch the three posts that came right before my smackdown, since they're still too recent to be dealt with -- those'll be included in the next smackdown; there's no need to re-post those.

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[site_nav] 148 ( LJ's limitations on data

Right now, FAQ148 includes a bit on how the maximum number of entries you can view using your lastn is 75, and you can adjust the number of entries per page using the OPT_ITEMS override. Now, this is S1 specific.

It shouldn't be chopped out, I don't think -- rather, it should be expanded to cover both S1 and S2.

What do you all think? Proposed text?