December 19th, 2003

Bob's House Of Walleye
  • kevin

FAQ 2 - How do I edit a journal entry I wrote?

So, while working on another FAQ, I was in FAQ 2 ("How do I edit a journal entry I wrote?"), and the top of it struck me as a little odd.

The FAQ poses the question of, "How do I do this?", but the first paragraph has (seemingly?) nothing to do with answering the question.

For reference, the first paragraph says:Collapse )

I'll make the assumption that there were a lot of support requests that caused that paragraph to be added, but it seems out-of-order... how can one receive that error message if they don't know how to edit an entry (their reason for visiting the FAQ)? It would seem to me that it belongs after the last paragraph of 'how to edit an entry' rather than before answering the question that the FAQ poses.
  • lyspeth

[hidden] links to FAQ 103

rbane pointed out here that FAQ 103 is still linked from invite/gen.bml when you aren't allowed to generate more codes. But 103 has all the old information on invite codes, which isn't accurate for new accounts -- namely, it says that all new accounts can generate the one-week code.

The string seems to be hardcoded English, so maybe we should make a new version of 103 which is for this short time when the invite stuff still exists but isn't the same. Thoughts?