March 9th, 2004

[abuse] Quick Fix

Based on a recent comment made by Dana (alsatia), it has come to my attention that it is no longer possible to directly email abuse requests to Therefore, I did a quick runthrough of the abuse FAQs to check for any mentions of that method of reporting, and, sure enough, I found one:

FAQ #106: My account has been suspended! How can I get it back?
[...] If your journal has been suspended, you should check your email to see if you've received a warning or an explanation. If you haven't, or if you have questions, send an email to from the email account that you have validated for your LiveJournal. Be sure to include your username. The Abuse team will respond as quickly as possible, though in some cases it may be several days. Please do not open up multiple requests, as this will only serve to delay the process. [...]"
This should likely be changed to reflect the new policy, yes?

Something like If you haven't, or if you have questions, open an abuse report using the instructions found in the following FAQ:, or perhaps make the wording a little more FAQ-worthy. I've been out of the loop, especially the userdoc loop, for quite a long while so please escuse my rustiness. Yay FAQs.

I promise I didn't just post this to my personal journal. Really.