March 12th, 2004

sea of destiny

Update title of FAQ 80? (community management)

First off, apologies if this is not the write place of if I should format proposals like this differently.

FAQ 80 ( currently reads "How do I add users and grant posting access to my community?" and addresses adding users to a community mostly from the point of view of a closed-membership community.

Recently, I've seen a couple of requests asking how you can send a user an invitation e-mail to join a community, where the community is not necessarily closed-membership.

So would it be worth adding "How do I invite users to a community?" to the title and mentioning inviting a bit more prominently? At the moment, it's rather hidden in the last two paragraphs.

I think most maintainers of open communities who ask this question think of it not as adding a user to a community but as inviting them to join, so perhaps the wording could be updated to reflect that.
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[site_nav] Document 1000-entry limit for friends pages

FAQ #148 mentions that LASTN only goes back 75 entries and that FRIENDS only goes back two weeks.

However, apparently there is an additional limit to the FRIENDS view: it'll only show 1000 entries, even if that doesn't go back two whole weeks. (This was discussed most recently in a thread in learn_support.)

I suggest that this limit be added to FAQ 148.