March 30th, 2004

Syndication: proposed clarification to FAQ #149

FAQ #149 says that RSS and Atom feeds for journals can be found at these URLs:

That isn't quite correct in the case of community feeds. The canonical URL format for them seems to be:

While it's true that the LJ servers automatically redirect if you enter a "/user/" URL that refers to a community, it may be preferable to give people the correct URL in the first place.
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FAQ proposal: importing entries

One question we get fairly often that has no FAQ is "can I transfer my entries from this journal I had elsewhere to my LiveJournal?" or "I downloaded all of my DeadJournal entries. How can I upload them to my LJ?" Sometimes a user of an LJ-based site will want to know if an entries can be transferred along with their comments. Since there is no FAQ, an answer is thrown together, but there is no generally agreed-upon list of things that should be included in the answer (not talking about policies, just a general idea of what should be covered).

With this in mind, I propose that a FAQ be added to address this question.

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I know it's very wordy and possibly excessively detailed, so snip as you like. Anything else this needs? Or would this be a superfluous FAQ?

Suggestion: "open proxy" FAQ

Support is getting quite a few requests that basically say "I got this error message about an open proxy. What does it mean?" or "I got this error message, and I'm not a spammer."

I'd like to be able to point to a FAQ that explains what an open proxy is; the difference between "you're a spammer" and "you're using an insecure machine"; and a statement that they need to talk to their ISP first. Yes, the error message suggests going to their ISPs, but it doesn't define "open proxy" and it says that the IP address in question might not be an open proxy, in which case, come to us.

I'm not sure how to word this one: in fact, I came over here after realizing that I couldn't write a definition of "open proxy" good enough to include in a screened support answer.