May 10th, 2004

unicorn pusheen

Small change to FAQ 75

The lj-cut tag FAQ (linked here) could at this point use some 'organizational' headings throughout, much like was done for the Memories FAQ. (And "yay!" on the memories FAQ update, by the way--much cleaner.)

Especially with the addition of all the new things you can do with the lj-cut tag, the "rest" of the information on the page now gets lost when there's only the little '*' separating new 'sections.'

So, I'd like to suggest headings for each section, probably as simple as LJ-CUT, LJ USER, LJ-POLL, LJ-RAW, and OTHER. Remove the '*'s and just add a little whitespace to separate the sections.

(And in a more general sense, I think there's a few other FAQs where the '*' are used to denote sections, that should probably just be replaced with headings. If they're distinct enough to be marked with the '*', then they're distinct enough to probably benefit from text headings. I'll see if I can't find a few of those as well.)