May 24th, 2004

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FAQ Updates (May 6-present)

Yay, we're up to date now! As always, let me know of any problems with these changes with either a comment (if it's a small thing, like a typo) or an entry (if it's a big thing that would benefit from other people's comments). Also, we have a bunch of new stuff live on the site today. We got FAQ 15 updated with information about freezing comments and deleting threads, but there's still other stuff that needs to be written. In particular, if someone wants to propose a rewrite for the custom mood theme FAQ, I would very happy. We want to keep information about the old method of creating mood themes, but also want to add the new information in. Also, a lot of changes happened with the community invitation system (again), so those FAQs need updates too.


[link] FAQ 66 updated to add a sentence about how knowing an anonymous commenter's IP address does not mean you can figure out their LiveJournal username, assuming they have an account.

[link] FAQ 95 updated to clarify multiple-word keywords a bit more.

[link] [link] FAQ 75 fixed up to remove the '*' horizontal rules, and to replace them with headings. Also updated it to change one instance of "user" to "account", since "account" made more sense in the context.

[link] FAQ 183 updated to include a link to the File Manager for phone posts, and to note that if you delete an entry with a phone post in it, the file disappears from the File Manager too.

[link] FAQ 148 updated to say that the number of comments per entry limit is 5,000.

[link] FAQ 40 updated to include information about image placeholders.

[link] FAQ 114 updated to include info that phone post audio files may be deleted six months after your paid account expires.

[link] FAQ 50 updated to include information about making your entries friends-only/private as a way of protecting yourself from search engines.

[link] FAQ 115 updated to say that adding to your e-mail's address book may help with spam filtering.

[link] Fixed typos in FAQ 51, FAQ 16, and FAQ 1. FAQ 95's wording changed a bit. FAQ 75's info about "lj://" links was made clearer.

[link] FAQ 15 was almost entirely rewritten to include information about freezing/unfreezing comments, and deleting entire threads (thank you rho!).

[link] Paid Accounts category changes:
  • FAQ 21: All instances of "paid account" were replaced with "Paid Account", and other minor changes.
  • FAQ 44: All instances of "paid account" were replaced with "Paid Account", the payment information was replaced with a link back to FAQ 21, and other minor changes.
  • FAQ 114: All instances of "paid account" were replaced with "Paid Account", the link to was added, and other minor changes.
  • FAQ 69: All instances of "paid account" were replaced with "Paid Account", and other minor changes.
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Proposal for new FAQ re: latest_optout

Full title: "Can I prevent my posts from appearing on the Recent Entries page?"

Category: Working with Other Sites, I suppose, as that's where the "How do I stop my journal from going on search engines" question is.

Synopsis: Document the set latest_optout console command.


I'm not a FAQ writer/editor/foo, so I won't write a whole thing out (unless I should? I don't quite know how this works.) Basically, we just need to document that going to the console and running "set latest_optout yes" will stop your public entries from being put on the latest entries page and RSS feed, and it will also prevent your entries from being scanned for images to be put into the latest images RSS feed.

As referenced in the changelog post, you can turn it back on by running "set latest_optout no". I also think the final rev of this should include something telling the users that public posts can be read by anyone anyway, and that if they want privacy to look at that FAQ category for more information.