May 25th, 2004

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FAQ #148: What are LiveJournals limitations on data?

As explained in this post in learn_support, we need to document somewhere that you can only display 50 posts at one time on your journal pages.

I suggest that we edit the fourth-to-last paragraph of FAQ #148 to include this, since it's where other things of this type seem to go.

Only the 75 most recent entries of your journal will display in the Most Recent view. If you attempt to navigate back further than 75 entries, your journal will begin to use the day view. You can change how many of these 75 entries display on a single page through the customization interface, if you are using S2 (, or with the OPT_ITEMS override, if you are using S1 ( It is only possible to display up to 50 entries on a single page.
Something like that?
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Suggested update for FAQ 64 (Custom mood themes)

Because it needs updating, yo.

The mood guide seems horribly out of date -- not just because of the how-to-create instructions, but because it has a lot of information on what mood themes are and how they're displayed. I've tried rewriting this FAQ to incorporate the good information and not link directly to the guide; if we want to link to the guide instead, is there any way of editing it?

Also? This probably shouldn't go live until the moodtheme creator actually /works/. Ahem.

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