July 7th, 2004

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FAQ #125

Very, VERY nitpicky, but...

* lj_support: Used by Support volunteers to discuss problems users are facing around the site. Reading this community is required for those who volunteer in Support, as policy changes and other important information is posted here. Posting access is limited to those with Support privileges. -- http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=lj_support

Supporthelp, perhaps? Or is Supporthelp considered the only real Support priv?
unicorn pusheen

Suggestion for FAQ 78

FAQ 78 - How do I create a community... should probably contain a mention right at the top that communities cannot be changed back into personal accounts. Or, OK, not right at the top literally, but at the beginning of the section that starts to talk about "If you already have an account you'd like to convert".

We don't actually tell them in that FAQ that they're screwed once they convert something to a comm, and that's a pretty big thing, IMO. Especially since they used to be able to do that.

Just a thought.
unicorn pusheen

Another suggestion...

In FAQ 24 - How do I control who can see my witty and urbane writings?... there is the following line at the very end of the USING THE WEB INTERFACE section:

"Note that if you select the "Custom" option and select multiple friends groups, all of your friends in the selected groups will be able to see the entry."

However, I think that should be moved (or at the very least, repeated) up to the CUSTOM section of that same FAQ. I would expect to find it where there's an explanation of what 'custom' actually *is*, not necessarily where it's talking about how to choose 'custom'.

I think it would also be good to add it to FAQ 102 - What are custom friends groups..., perhaps in the SECURITY NOTES section at the end.

I'll stop spamming this comm now. ;D