July 12th, 2004

  • leora

Reordering FAQs suggestion - Accounts

I'd like to suggest FAQ re-ordering to make the most commonly used FAQs easier to find, closer to the top of their FAQ cats. I don't have stats, so I'm going by feel and also try to keep groups of similar FAQs near each other (like changing email address should be near changing the password). Please comment with suggested changes. This is just an attempt to re-order intelligently the FAQs int he Accounts section.

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  • burr86


At the poking of rho, I propose consolidating all five of the To-Do list FAQs into one FAQ (they're each, like, two sentences long) and putting that new FAQ in the "Site Navigation" category. Then, hide the remaining FAQs and delete the todo faqcat. Proposed text:

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