August 27th, 2004

[userpics] Crediting & comments/keywords

Further to mercuriosity's entry on the comment/credit FAQ, I'd like to discuss separating the "credit" part out into its own FAQ -- it is very frequently asked and I think does need to be in the FAQ -- which then encourages the user to contact the creator for their preference (covers the legal issues), but suggests that either keywords or comments can be used for this purpose or are popularly used in that way. Thoughts?

[userpics] "work as user" additions

FAQs 1, 51, 95 (and possibly 180?) need updates to discuss "work as user" stuff for communities. I'm just tossing this out here for wording discussion so I don't forget, and when that's worked out I can update them. :)

Yes, I'm spamming, I wanted separate comments for this and my last post.