September 9th, 2004


FAQ 185 Can I remove people from my "Friend Of" list?

FAQ 185

I think it'll be a good idea to start the "You can't, however, hide your Friends List...." in the fourth paragraph out on a new paragraph. It isn't easy to spot even though I knew this information was in the FAQ. And if it wasn't easy to spot for me, then it must not be easy to spot for other users. And since the paragraph started out talking about the banning option, it would make more sense for this section to be in a new paragraph anyhow.

Oh, and maybe even change the FAQ to say "Can I remove people from my "Friends" or "Friends Of" list? Then change the FAQ accordingly.

FAQ 131 ( addition

Since paid users now have the "express lane" thingy, that should be added to FAQ 131: What are the Paid Account benefits?. I'm thinking it'd go under the list of things that you can have if you have a paid account for a personal journal only, since communities wouldn't get the fast load times since you can't log in as communities anymore (right?).

My suggested text (either is fine with me, let me know which you like, or suggest something else):

"Ability to load pages faster than free users"
"Priority access to LiveJournal's servers, so pages will load faster than they do for free users"

All of the stuff in that FAQ has URLs with them, but I can't think of a URL that could go with this, unless we link directly to the paidmembers entry about it. I'm thinking that should be fine, but I'd like input from others about it.