September 22nd, 2004

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adding links to FAQ 204 -- rich text

FAQ 72 on HTML in entries
FAQ 6 on images in entries
FAQ 67 on links
FAQ 75 on user tags and cut tags

what do these FAQs have in common? They all purport to explain how to do things that can be done using rich text, and they all explain how to use HTML to do those things, but none mention rich text. I propose:

You can also use the rich text feature to $(do the thing) in journal entries without using HTML. The FAQ explains how to use the rich text feature.

I think if I had free rein, every FAQ would link directly to every other FAQ we have.
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FAQ changes due to new update.bml/editjournal.bml pages

  • Changed title of FAQ 26 to "What does the "Text Formatting" option do?" and updated text to reflect new "Text Formatting" option.

  • Changed title of FAQ 91 to "What is the "Entry is backdated" option? How do I use it?" and updated text to reflect the new name of the option.

  • Changed text of FAQ 32 to reflect new layout of mood and music fields.

  • Changed FAQ 2 to reflect new titles of action buttons at the bottom. Added text to explain spell-check and preview from editjournal.bml.

  • Removed link to "full mode" from FAQ 95, and also updated text to reflect new title of UPI drop-down.

  • Changed FAQ 24 to reflect the new title of the security level drop-down and remove link to "full mode".

  • Changed FAQ 76 to remove link to "full mode" and update the title of the drop-down to select journal to post in.

  • Changed FAQ 119 to reflect new names for the buttons on editjournal.bml; also added text explaining how to preview and spell-check while editing. Also, clarified that you must be the author of the entry to delete by removing all the text and clicking "save entry".

  • Removed link to "full mode" from FAQs 158, 104, 148, 207, and 62.

  • Removed link to "full mode" from FAQ 102, and updated the title of the security level drop-down.

  • Replaced example URLs in FAQ 132 (which went to update.bml?mode=full) with links to userinfo.bml?user=exampleusername. Still illustrates the same point.

    If you see any addtional FAQs that need to be updated to reflect the new pages, please make a new top-level post to the community.
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