September 28th, 2004


Specifying that Free Users can Embed with HTML Frames (Developer Documentation)

The documentation in the Embedding FAQs and actual embedding functionality conflict with the Embedding developer documentation. The latter makes no mention of the fact that Free users can embed their journals using the HTML Frames method.

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Edit: Since Free Users can apparently use most methods of embedding, then the FAQ should be revised to indicate that. It currently says "Paid accounts can use any of the methods listed at that page to embed their journal into their website...Free accounts can only embed their journal using the HTML frames method". asciident is working on a howto document on embedding methods as a substitute for the developer documentation. Should the FAQ be revised before or after that howto creation?
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some Troubleshooting FAQ updates/additions to update information/address new problems

Changes to FAQs:

Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal? completely rewritten to address current problems

Why can't I stay logged into LiveJournal, and what can I do to solve this problem? rewritten to address current best-practice troubleshooting steps and is now "Why am I being logged out of LiveJournal, and what can I do to solve this problem?"; also links to 211, below

Additions to FAQs:

Why does LiveJournal display incorrectly in my browser?
This is a huge beast of a FAQ and I pared it down to what I consider just the absolute minimums. It covers both sets of rendering problems -- no JS/older browser/security settings too high, and blocking.

Why do I receive errors when logging into LiveJournal? Covers JavaScript errors while logging in and cached login challenges.