October 27th, 2004


FAQ 62

In this FAQ, the second paragraph states:

It is also possible to disable commenting, disable comment notification e-mails, or change the screening options of an individual entry. (Disabling commenting, either for the entire journal or for a specific entry, will also hide any existing comments.) The full mode of the web interface allows you to change these settings as desired; it is also possible to edit entries to change one of the comment options. Many clients available for download include the ability to set security levels for journal entries. For more information on your preferred client, consult its documentation or its menu options. (highlight added)

Since the default web interface is now always the full mode, should the FAQ be edited to remove the referenced to "full mode"?

FAQ 7: Rearrangement and Adding Subtitles (Customizing Journal)

Since kamara, a styles admin, wants people to use FAQ 7 to answer requests about journal titles, why don't we add a subtitle for the section on Journal Titles?

The current spacing makes that paragraph really easy to overlook, and I often specify "the last paragraph" in answers. Collapse )

Edit: After looking at the FAQ again, I want to rearrange it into three sections, labelled Using S1, Using S2, and "Adding Titles and Subtitles for Your Journal and Friends Page". Collapse )