December 6th, 2004

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T'ain't a smackdown, 'tis a bitchslap (um, FAQ updates)

I like cheese. And tomato sauce. And ham slices. Mmm, pizza...

[lj_userdoc] [lj_userdoc] [faq 210]
FAQ split into sections according to problem categories, and reference to Akamai removed. Credit to bridgetester and secksiewolfie.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 116]
FAQ split into sections, new section added on S2 compiler deaths, further reading section added. Credit to bridgetester with help from kamara, kunzite1 and phoenixdreaming.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 16]
Paragraph added on how purging cycles don't occur regularly or on request. Credit to leora via panda_cookie.

[lj_userdoc] [lj_support] [faq 202]
Added a sadly lacking paragraph or two on how to find a person if you do know that person's LiveJournal username, and sectionised to properly distinguish between free and paid account search methods. Credit to penknife and isabeau.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 25]
Reorganisational rewrite, courtesy of isabeau.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 72]
Total rewrite including "what do HTML tags look like", courtesy of isabeau.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 131]
Paragraph on personalised subdomain updated to reflect similar paragraph in 104. Credit to bridgetester.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 192]
Bit of a paragraph shuffle with a NOP disclaimer added on. Credit to angrychicken.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 23]
Short paragraph added to "controlling who comments" FAQ on disabling comments. Credit to isabeau, via tammy.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 157]
Title change from "What is the 'Moderator' option?" etc. to "What are moderated communities? How do they work?", courtesy of burr86. New paragraphs on the "Client error: Don't have access" error, courtesy of teshiron. Bit of paragraph shuffling and sectioning besides.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 35]
First reworking of this quite important FAQ in over a year, breaking it up a little, modified to mention private entries, and bringing home the point a little more. Credit to conuly for the basic idea.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 148]
Limitations FAQ updated to reflect limits on the number of entries shown in Day Views (200) and Month Views (2,000). Credit to kidd79.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 215]
New FAQ in Journal Entries: How do I search my journal? How can I find a particular entry or comment? Props to isabeau for writing this.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 216]
New FAQ in Clients: Why is my client flashing? A rather bizarre title for explaining what checkfriends is. Blah blah isabeau wrote blah.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 97]
kamara added "in S1?" to the title "How do I add a background image". Not much to see here.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 176]
Updated to include two layerinfo declarations. Credit to halfawake and jennieknits.
fear the kittenstomper

FAQ 140

FAQ 140 "My overrides won't work. What's wrong?" covers nearly everything in terms of why overrides might be b0rked, except for the pesky _WEBSITE override.

While it is stated in the overrides themselves, we know that people don't always read everything they are supposed to. I think that a small section that explains that if they are using _WEBSITE overrides, they need to specify a website in order for them to work would be grand.

And hey, it'd help battle the green faster if we could just point them to the right area of the FAQ ;)

If it's agreed that this is needed, I could likely come up with some text for it.
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