December 7th, 2004

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  • burr86

FAQ78 ( | How do I create a community?

In an eventual push to move people away from creating communities by making personal journals first, I'm going to make a bold suggestion and suggest that we remove the following bit from the FAQ:

"If you have already created an account with the username you want to use for your community, you can convert the account.If the account has any entries, they will need to be deleted. While logged in as your personal account, proceed to the conversion page ( and enter the username and password for the account you would like to convert. The account that you are logged into when you do this will become the maintainer account. The rest of the page can be used to define various settings for the new community."

It'll push people away from creating a personal journal first, and we can make it support policy to provide this info to people who say they slipped up in the meantime. After a month or two we can finally kill off ?mode=create and just have people create /communities/ as communities, first.

Any objections to doing this?
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  • mart

UK English in one of the FAQs

I was just going through the translation system and noticed that FAQ 131 (Paid account benefits) has a bunch of UK-spelling “Customise” in it. Saves me having to change it for the UK version, but still… it should really be US English in en_LJ! ;)

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  • isabeau

Suggestion for FAQ 120 (

For FAQ 120 ("How do I make all my journal entries FO/Private/Public"), there's information on changing/setting the minimum security level for a journal or community. However, if people don't understand the way it works, they set the minsecurity to "friends" and then try to make an entry, and see the drop-down on "public" (which is the default), and get panicked thinking that the minsecurity level didn't work.

So I'm thinking there should be a paragraph, added to the end of the Minsec/personal section, on the order of:

Setting the minimum security level of your journal will not affect the interface for making a new journal entry, whether you use the Update Journal page or a downloaded client. The interface will still appear to default to "public", regardless of your minimum security setting. However, when you submit the entry, LiveJournal will automatically change the security of the entry as necessary, so that a lower security setting is automatically changed to the minimum security setting before the journal is stored. (If you have the minimum security level set to Friends-Only, then any Public entry will be converted to Friends-Only when you submit it; Private entries, or entries that use custom friends groups, will remain unchanged.) The minimum security setting only applies when you are first writing an entry, not when you are editing one.

...or, er, something. That's mildly bleh, but I think you all get the idea.

(And there could then be a line thrown into the Minsec/community thing about "As with personal journals, the minimum security setting does not affect the interface for making a new journal entry blah blah blah".)