March 6th, 2005

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[comments] FAQ proposal

I'd like to see an FAQ under comments so volunteers won't have to joke about referencing when a user asks how to find out who left an anonymous comment. Because of my inexperience and not knowing whether or not it would be welcome, I'm writing an ultra-rough draft of it with the basic contents. Comments, corrections, and other nitpicks are more than welcome.

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It has been pointed out that when trimmed down to only what I intended to write about, it is a very meager and useless FAQ. Sorry to waste your time or get your hopes up!

Links to Adware FAQ

Eeeee! Okay, the removing ad/mal/spyware howto finally got finished. (HS, lj_s)

So now it needs to be linked from FAQs, such as, oh, half the troubleshooting category. More seriously, it seems to fit with FAQ #116 (Accessing Pages), FAQ #210 (LJ Displaying Incorrectly), and FAQ #40 (Journal and Friends pages displaying incorrectly).

There are a few more it could probably go in too, but that gets much broader...