March 9th, 2005

181 ( needs update

FAQ 181 needs to be updated to reflect the new photo hosting items that are available.

This should probably just say something like:

Disk Space Upgrades - Buy additional disk space for your paid account (see for more information).

Also, can we get the different items bulleted perhaps? It looks kind of messy to me.
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clarification of coupons in FAQ 181

FAQ 181 states that:

"* Coupon - Coupons can be used to purchase any LiveJournal merchandise or service, and can be given to other people as gifts. Multiple coupons can be redeemed for a single item (for instance, five $5 coupons can be redeemed for a $25 paid account), but a coupon cannot be redeemed for multiple items (for instance, a $25 coupon cannot be redeemed for five $5 paid accounts)."

Does this mean (and is this (relatively) new), that a large coupon cannot be used to purchase multiple items in the same transaction? Or does it mean at all? The reason I ask is because others have verified that they have previously used a single coupon to purchase multiple items at a time. And if it's the former, there needs to be some clarification to it, such as "A coupon must be redeemed all in one transaction - if you use a $5 coupon to purchase two months extra userpics, the $3 difference is lost."
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FAQ #116 ( Add 'you can use a client if you want, too'

Suggestion: Under the Read-Only mode section in the "Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal? What is "read-only" mode?" FAQ, mention the clients option. It's not the only option a user has but could probably go in there.

Suggested Text: Some downloadable clients also offer the ability for you to compose an entry and save a copy of it to your computer, before posting.

Or: "Alternatively, some downl...."

Then under 'Further Reading' section:
What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?
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[RFC] Hard to find Styles communities?

Hi. I just tried to find the community I'd seen before, in the distant past, that dealt with a particular style: Variable Flow. It was a little hard to find.

I typed in usernames like 'variableflow', 'variable_flow'. I looked in the userinfo pages for the official journal 'lj_style', 's2howto'; and the user 's2styles' community. I searched on interests like 'styles', 'layouts' and 'variable flow' and couldn't find it. I looked through the styles FAQs and clicked on some of the 'howto' tutorials referenced that dealt with what's supported by the various layouts. One of the S1 FAQs referenced the finding communities page but that wouldn't have helped since no interests were listed anyway.
Eventually I did find it, it's at:
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