March 11th, 2005

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[site_nav] Limitations on poll data

In FAQ #148 on limitations on data, it appears to me that some of the values related to polls are outdated or simply wrong. I had a look in to try and see whether the values are correct, and also had a look in, which I hope represents the current database structure as well.

I'll take them one by one:

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So. I'd recommend something like the following:

* Poll Names: 255 bytes
* Poll Questions: 65535 bytes, maximum of 255 questions
* Poll Radio and Check Box Options: 255 bytes, maximum of 255 options. The maximum number of checkbox options that can be recorded in the database depends on the length of each option text; (sum of option lengths) + (number of options - 1) must be no more than 255. (Additional options can be selected but they will not be recorded in the database.)
* Poll Text Entry Responses: 255 bytes