March 23rd, 2005

tea kitty

Rewrite for FAQ 40?

FAQ 40 ("Why does my journal or Friends page display incorrectly or require me to scroll?") deals with two primary issues (long thingies, especially images, causing horizontal scrolling, and HTML, especially quizzes). Although the FAQ does distinguish between the two situations, I don't know that it's done very clearly, which might cause problems.

As always, I am coming at this from a support perspective, and I know that userdoc doesn't exist just to be useful for support. :) But we see a lot of people who, when we say "It's bad HTML, go see this FAQ", come back with "I tried enabling image placeholders and it didn't work". I think, also, there are a lot of cases where there's an entry with bad HTML that's hard to find, because the user looks at the "it's bad HTML" bit, and looks at thei friends page, and thinks that the top entry that's displayed is the one that's causing the problem. (It's not.)

So, it might be worth reorganizing it to make it clearer that the causes, and solutions, for horizontal scrolling problems, and the causes, and solutions, for weird entry order, are not the same.

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