March 31st, 2005

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FAQ 124 - what are overrides?

This FAQ doesn't contain any information on how you can take a look at a style or a variable to see how it could be modified using overrides. This seems like it would be very useful. Information on variables is linked via the S1 custom styles FAQ, but free users who write their own overrides need it too.
are examples of links that I would like to see in 124.

I would like to see some of these in there somewhere. The HowTo tutorial on overrides which is linked from 124 also does not include or link to any such information. It does link to developer/styles.bml, but that also has no such information and links only to create.bml and edit.bml. I followed every link I could find from FAQ 124 and came up with no sourse for style/variable information that could be used to write one's own overrides.

Since the idea of the overrides system is that free users can modify variables as they like, rather than having a few limited options (as they would under S2), it seems that this FAQ should have resources for those who want to write your own overrides.

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Minor change to FAQ 115

FAQ 115 (why am I not receiving email from LJ) has a bit in the first paragraph about making sure your email address is validated. Which is all fine and good, except that people who go to that FAQ because they aren't getting the validation email (or who are directed there by support volunteers) sometimes see that and think it applies to their situation too.

Is there anything other than comment emails that is affected by validation? If so, this might need further tweaking; but in any case, it might be worth changing the FAQ a little, so validation doesn't apply to all situations:

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