April 14th, 2005

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burr86/jayo tag-team smackdown action part uh!

Here are the changes for about half of the period since the last smackdown; jc is doing the other half. If I commented on your entry inviting you to re-post your entry for futher discussion, please do so. As always, thank you for flying Air LJ Userdoc, and we hope you'll consider us for all your future documentation needs.

[link] FAQ16 updated to include info on (un)deleting a comm.

[link] FAQ69 cleaned up and info on closing a poll added.

[link] FAQ136 updated to be more consistent with our copyright policies

[link] FAQ183 updated to say that paid users get 100 MB, rather than 50

[link] FAQ127 updated to deal with abandoned/deleted/suspended accounts.

[link] FAQ113 renamed to "How does my LiveJournal email address work?"

[link] FAQ115 slightly tweaked to better work with validation emails

[link] FAQ47 updated to be a bit more clear on the use of multidelete

[link] FAQ40 tweaked to be clear on how to fix problems.

[link] FAQ61 updated to specifically say that you can't hide your flist.

Faq 133: Default text encoding?

Faq 133 on why characters appear as question marks states:

If characters in your journal or User Info appear as ? rather than the proper symbol, or if you have ever used special symbols in your journal entries or user bio (such as accented letters, pound signs, or Microsoft Word "SmartQuotes"), you need to set your default encoding. You will not be able to edit your entries until you do so.

To do this, first visit your Personal Info settings (http://www.livejournal.com/editinfo.bml). Scroll down to the bottom and choose your default text encoding.

If you visit your Personal Info settings, there is, in fact, no setting for "default text encoding." Instead, there is the option to auto-convert old entries, and to translate your email notifications. No default text encoding.

I am not 100% certain how one fixes the character problem, or if it's even a problem anymore. Thoughts?
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burr86/jayo tag-team smackdown action part duh!

I don't work as fast as abe, but then again I don't think that's really possible.

Abuse FAQs updated/rewritten.

[lj_userdoc] [FAQ 116]
Added a paragraph on clients, mentioning that you can still write and save drafts of new entries during site downtime.

[lj_userdoc] [lj_userdoc] [FAQ 131]
Updated to mention the new photo hosting/disk space upgrades available for purchase.

[lj_userdoc] [FAQ 181]
Updated again to correct the explanation on the validity of coupons.

[lj_userdoc] [FAQ 44]
Updated to reflect that you can buy paid time for a community.

[lj_userdoc] [lj_userdoc] [FAQ 61] [FAQ 148]
61 updated to include information on the various limits that apply to Friends lists and their display on userinfo pages. Duplicate info in 148 replaced with a link back to 61.

[lj_userdoc] [lj_userdoc] [FAQ 149]
Updated to include information on what FOAF is, and where a user's FOAF file is located. Title compressed a little, and link back to "what is syndication?" added in further reading section.

[lj_userdoc] [FAQ 32] [FAQ 19]
Slightly reorganised 32 to separate the information on clients and mood themes into sections. Updated the title of 19 to remove ambiguity between the e-mail address registered with the account and the LiveJournal forwarding address for paid accounts.

[lj_userdoc] [FAQ 222]
New meta-FAQ created: "How do I update my journal?" links to the various pages and FAQs on the ways in which a user can update one's journal.

Now taking bets on whether we'll hit 1,000 FAQs before the new FAQ system is implemented, and when either event will happen.