July 5th, 2005

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[comms] FAQ 76


I was just reading over this FAQ, and it seems a bit confusing to me. It starts off with an explanation of why you might be having problems with posting (maintainer didn't grant posting access, etc) and unusual circumstances (community where you don't have to be a member to post). Then after all that, it describes how to post an entry. It seems to me it should be the other way round. Start off with saying how to post an entry, and then if you're still having problems, you can read down.

A title change might also be in order if this change were made.
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communities FAQs, round 1.

I'm bored.

The lemurs are finally being removed from the Communities FAQs and being thrown back into the Troubleshooting FAQs. ;)

FAQ101 | How do I join a community and read its entries on my Friends page?
* You'll get an email when a maintainer approves/rejects your membership request.
* Your protected posts aren't compromised

FAQ81 | If I join or watch a community, can the members see my protected entries?
* Hidden, since it's covered in 101.

FAQ179 | What is "watching"? Can I view communities separately from the rest of my Friends list?
* Tweaked the "there are three things you can do" section.

FAQ82 | How do I leave a community?
* Nuked the console way of removing yourself, advocating the nicer UI. ;)

FAQ76 | How do I post in a community?
* Cleaned up, split off some of the stuff into 212.

FAQ83 | How do I post a Members-Only entry in a community?
* Hidden, since it's covered in 76 (and has been for a while)

FAQ119 | How do I edit or delete an entry in a community?
* Minor scrubbing

FAQ212 | Why am I unable to post in a community?
* Added not-validated address as another reason why you can't post
* Took out the bit on not replying to the rejection notice, since they come from lj_notify now. ;)
* Cleaned up the moderated comms section

Slightly tweaked the sort order for the Communities FAQ category.
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comms cleanup, round 2

All the lemurs are now totally gone from my comms FAQs. :P Tweaked sort order just a bit, too.

FAQ79 | What are the various membership and posting settings for communities?
* Wording/format scrubbing

FAQ84 | How do I remove or ban a user from my community?
* General cleaning
* I have no idea why info on transferring maintainership was in this FAQ.

FAQ93 | What can I do with a community I no longer want?
* Renamed it, because I didn't like the old title. :P
* FurtherReading'ed it, since it's good for that format ever since 16's been updated.

FAQ80 | How do I add users and grant posting access to my community?
* FR-style
* Wording cleanup

FAQ157 | What are moderated communities? How do they work?
* Cleanup, FR style
* Moved the errors bit from 148 back into here, since it's lame to split it out over there.

FAQ148 | What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?
* Moved the moderated membership limits back to 157, so this just gets a pointer.

FAQ78 | How do I create and manage a community?
* Title changed
* Split off management into its own section.

FAQ100 | How do I give another user maintainership of my community?
* Split things into sections
* Added link to lostinfo.bml for the last bit.