July 10th, 2005

PYL Big Bucks
  • kevin

FAQ 180: How can I buy more space for user pictures?

I have a revision suggestion for FAQ 180 (How can I buy more space for user pictures?).

This issue cropped up in this support request.

Since the addition of ScrapBook, users are more concerned with the amount of file space their account has. FAQ 180 is a little misleading when it talks about buying additional "space" for user pictures. What is actually being purchased is the ability to upload additional pictures -- the amount of file space (100 MB by default for Paid Account users, which is used for UPI's, PhonePosts, ScrapBook pictures, etc.) does not increase.

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I'm wide open to other ideas (something other than the word "slots"), but I think it would be good if we can re-word this FAQ to avoid misleading people.
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  • burr86

[comm-manage] FAQ120 -> new FAQ

Anyone up for writing a draft of "How do I make my community Members-only?", which will take all the relevant information out of FAQ120 and into its own FAQ? You're totally welcome to steal the chunk of text out of FAQ120 and tweak it accordingly, if you want. :) Ideally the FAQ will include:

-- newpost_minsecurity for comms
-- can get around minsecurity
-- make your comm closed/moderated to make sure people can't join
-- past public entries will need to be deleted, or edited by the author, as maints can't edit that.
-- no lemurs

Any takers?