October 29th, 2005

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This time I made sure I used en_lj

Lots of little things.

In FAQ #145: Basic information on overrides can be found at [FAQ 124]
In the same FAQ, should there be a link to the page in there If the Modify Journal page is?
This FAQ also switches a lot between "Paid, Permanent and Earl Adopter", "Paid" and "Paid and Permanent" but this is probably deliberate.
And it links to FAQ #171 for a list of supported layouts. Wouldn't a link directly to the s2howto entries be more useful?

FAQ #25 uses '$' while #244 uses 'US$'. I haven't checked all the other payment FAQs to determine what is used more often, but maybe using the same through all the FAQ would be a good idea?

A lot of the newer FAQ (247, 248, 250) use normal links to the HowTos, while the older ones have been changed to use LJ-Tags

ScrapBook links jump between "XYZ" and [XYZ]. I have a feeling there might be a system to it that I'm missing, but I thought I'd mention it.
And maybe the use between THIS and <h3>This</h3> to separate different sections should at least be consistent in the different categories?

It's probably obvious to anyone but me, but why does FAQ #226 link to "How do I use an lj-cut? What are the other LiveJournal-specific tags?"?

One last thing:
I'm not sure where this belongs, but /manage/voicepost.bml.success.text talks about phone settings - shouldn't it be Voice Post settings instead?
Oh, and it's still called Email Gateway Settings on the Sitemap

dear diary

FAQ 96, FAQ 145

I don't like it when the FAQs lie. Currently both of these say that customizing comment links is reserved to paid accounts. But it is available to free accounts in 3 Column. Would anyone like to fix this?

I withdraw this suggestion, because 3 Column uses images rather than text and allows you to change these images. The FAQs specifically deal with text.
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Policy: HTML formatting guide

We've had the ability to use HTML within our FAQs for some months now, and it was high time we developed a policy for actually using it. You guys won't generally need to worry about these guidelines as it's the docadmins and category administrators who'll actually be following them, but in the event that you contribute a draft for an FAQ it'll help to know the policy, to save us time reformatting later.

Last updated January 31st 2009: modified to include info on using warningbars for account-specific FAQs.

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