November 30th, 2005

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FAQ 229 ( Edit Tags, not Edit Entry

I added some bolding and a sentence about using the Edit Tags page rather than Edit Entry to FAQ 229. It applies to communities too, but it's not community-specific enough to go in FAQ 230. I didn't link to the pages because the links aren't static.

"If you are tagging someone else's entry, you must use the Edit Tags page rather than the Edit Entry page."
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FAQ 117

FAQ 117 (en_LJ) on resecuring accounts currently has a link to FAQ 18 from the phrase "changing the password to your LiveJournal account" in the second paragraph. I believe that it should be removed. The steps must be followed in order. First the person must resecure email, then request password "reminder" and only then they can change password to another one. Giving the link to FAQ on changing passwords immediately before getting to the section on changing password is going to confuse people, in my opinion.

By the way, I don't know if we can discuss Abuse-related FAQs here or whether this should go to lj_abuse. When I was adding tags, there didn't seem to be one for faq117. But this is just a minor edit, no change of wording, just change of 'formatting' (which is what I believe has caused this; I doubt it had a link to FAQ 18 from that place before formatting).