January 4th, 2006

tea kitty
  • isabeau

Suggestion for FAQ 141

FAQ 141 (I tried to customize my journal using overrides and now it won't display OMG WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT)

Should this mention errors in CRR overrides? I've seen situations where bad CRR -- either the wrong overrides for the style, or (in the Generator overrides at least) mucking with the Things What Should Not Be Touched, like doing width:0 instead of width:auto for the table table table stuff, or changing the margin values for table table or table table table (which for IE can cause wacked-out stuff where the journal is like five miles wide and still doesn't display right -- and it may be worth throwing in.

(For that matter, should either 141 or 140 [overrides aren't working waaaaah] mention the whole "some overrides are style-specific and you need to use the right one, dork" thing?)

ETA: heh, it would help if I pointed out that CRR = Content Resize Realign = The thingie what you use in S1 to push the journal to one side and smush it into a narrow column and then complain because large images stretch it out. For those that aren't familiar with blinkie slang and aren't telepathic.