January 13th, 2006

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[Community] Delemuring of 80, 101

There's been yet more (reasonable) complaints that it's hard to find the Community Invites page. So I changed the FAQs a bit, since I can't change the link structure. :)

80 | Added a sentence in the summary to emphasize Invites. Changed the membership list to bullets. Linked more of the Community Management phrases to the actual page. Added a link format for members under community invites.

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101 | Added a link in the summary to emphasize Invites. Added a link format for join.bml. Changed the bulleted structure from the Membership list. Rewording, etc.

Abe or other Abuse people: can you double-check the wording of the last sentence for abuse stuff? I thought there were limits if the comm required promotion for membership?

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