January 17th, 2006

unicorn pusheen

a quick addtion to FAQ 15

I think it would be helpful to expand the section titles in "FAQ 15 - Can I screen/unscreen/delete them nasty things people be saying about me?"

We point to that FAQ to tell them how to unscreen and unfreeze stuff, but there's no indication in the headings, really, that it actually tells them that how to do that. It's one line buried in each section that says "and oh, by the way, to unscreen or unfreeze, do this."

So, I'd suggest making the two section headings "Screening or Unscreening Comments" and "Freezing or Unfreezing Comments." (Obviously, no need to do it for deleting comments.)

just a thought. thanks.
misc:pausing for thought

Two small things - FAQ 188, and 258

FAQ 188 - How do I track people who visit my gerbil?

"Free Accounts use S2 cannot add counters to their journal styles."


FAQ 258 - What is the "Nudge" feature? How do I use it?

"..they must be on your Friends list, and they must friend you back."

Just sounds a little bit awkard to me. 'they must have friended you back'?

ETA: Heh, thought I was going crazy until I realised there just isn't a tag for 258 yet